Video: Prep Zone: Jarrell Banks, 1/2/09

DES MOINES, Wash. -- Mt. Rainier High School senior Jarrell Banks is considered one of the top guards in Washington state. But he's just happy to be playing basketball again.

Jarrell was flying high in 2007, emerging as a rising star at the state boys basketball tournament.

His world would soon come crashing down as his mother was diagnosed with colon cancer.

Jarrell was also battling his own demons. His grades were slipping and so was his behavior. He was suspended and would not be allowed to play his senior season.

"It hurt knowing going into my senior season I wasn't going to be able to play," said Jarrell.

He was losing everything he loved, but instead of giving up, he changed and found a new zest for life and changed his attitude.

That's one reason Jarrell was granted a fifth year of eligibility. He was even named team captain.

"Took a long time to get here, but in the, end it's just all made me a better person that I am today," said Jarrell.

And his mother is cheering him on. Her cancer is in remission.

"She's a fighter and she's all for me right now. I said 'Mom, I was all for you and now you're all for me.' It made our relationship stronger, too," said Jarrell.

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