The St. Louis Rams want to make you $100,000 richer, except they don t really, because the contest they made up is just about impossible.

The team is offering a $100,000 prize to anyone who can correctly guess their entire schedule, including bye week. Also, you have to predict which games are on Monday night and/or Thursday night.

I ll leave someone smarter than me to do the math behind this, but the odds at someone correctly guessing the schedule, with Monday night game(s), Thursday night game, and bye week predicted, are astronomical.

In a slightly smaller-scale contest, the Bills are offering free season tickets to anyone who can correctly guess their schedule. Really Bills? No one is doing this. You could make the prize a million dollars. No one is correctly guessing 16 games and bye weeks and which games get put on Thursday and Monday. Even if you know they play other teams in the division twice, even if you knew who every team they play is, guessing the correct order and which games will be selected for Thursday/Monday nights is impossible. No one is doing this.

...Unless he/she has an inside source at the NFL. Hm...INTRIGUE.

By the way, even though this is impossible, I am definitely going to try.

(Thanks to CBS Eye on Football for sharing.)

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