DARRINGTON, Wash. -- Search teams have been down on the debris field for five days now, and the people in Darrington are trying to give them the support they need in any way they can.

A group of volunteers, made up mostly of Darrington high school students, are tasked with what they call a labor of love. So far, they've made 1,300 sandwiches for rescue and recovery workers on the front lines.

I think it's on everyone's mind, said volunteer Jessica Ward. And just to be able to do anything helps, even though we can't go out there and help them clean up, at least we can feed them, and being here helps really.

Those people who are out there doing hours and hours of grueling work, it's the least I can do, said volunteer Caroline Haywood.

Into every sandwich, they put their love and support for those who need it.

These kids are making sandwiches for my boys, for my son-in-law, for the people on the front lines who are doing what we can't, said crew chief Laura Grimmer. This is what we do.

They say the simple job keeps them busy. A simple rule keeps grief from taking over.

We pinky swear. We only cry at home, said Grimmer. So when we're working here, we make this a place of joy and comfort.

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