After nearly a year of hearings and debate, Monday, the Seattle City Council is set to vote on new regulations for the so-called rideshare companies, like UberX and Lyft.

But, even after the vote, the debate may not be over.

Seattle City Council Member Sally Clark says the council is likely to approve a two year pilot plan that limits each ride share company to 150 drivers live on their app at a time.

UberX recently announced they have 900 drivers on Seattle streets.

UberX also announced a change to its insurance coverage.

When a driver is on their way to pick up a rider, or the rider is in the car, there is a one million dollar liability coverage which is three times what taxis offer here in the city. said UberX Seattle General Manager Brooke Steger.

But Council Member Clark says the UberX coverage is not for commercial use and is not as adequate as the for-hire companies.

You should be protected and as covered by insurance if you're in the back of a taxi or a flat rate car, as you are if you get in a car with a pink mustache or an UberX, said Clark.

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