When you're sick and it's late or the weekend and you can't get in to your doctor, the emergency room is your only option - even if you know you don't need emergency care.

But now, the Country Doctor After Hours Clinic offer a low-cost solution, whether you have insurance or not. It s right next door to Swedish Medical Center's ER at the Cherry Hill campus. They're open 6pm to 10pm weekdays and noon to 10pm on weekends

For years, emergency rooms have been inundated with late night patients unable to get into their primary care doctors or another clinic or those without health insurance.

Emergency room means an emergency, not a sore throat, said nurse practitioner Grace Chapman.

They had a soft opening at the beginning of this month. A grant will cover their first three months, but the clinic needs a lot more patients if they're going to stay open long term.

We re getting busier and busier every day, said Chapman.

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