Annika Siebert, 5, isn't sure why her Jack-In-The-Box never arrived for Christmas. She remembers being very clear with Santa about her wish.

I got something else, she said.

Her mom, Natalie, ordered it by Amazon Prime on Saturday.

It still shows 'out for delivery' by Tuesday 8 p.m.,' Natalie said.

Like presents across the country, it never made it on time. Both UPS and FedEx blame weather, late purchases and online shopping for major delays. They continued to deliver packages Thursday.

Christmas has come and gone and there were no packages, explained Shauna Shula.

Shula paid nearly $20 extra for speedy delivery 10 days ago.

What if those items that we were waiting on were the only items our kids were going to open under the tree? she said.

Amazon is offering a $20 credit to customers who faced delays.

A staff member at KING 5 reached a manager at FedEx about her undelivered package. She was told they suspend their delivery guarantee between December 18-25 due to high volume and possible weather delays, but when she pressed for a refund, she got it.

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