Corey Sinserloves his alma mater. These days, however, the2006 graduate of Eastside Catholic High Schoolfeels his school is failing.

I'm just terribly disappointed, he said Monday.

Sinser says its time for alumni to take a stand on the ouster of Eastside Catholic vice principal Mark Zmuda. Zmuda was forced to resign when administrators discovered he is married to a man.

Weneed to stand up for this man, said Sinser. Wecan speak with our wallets.

Riding the wave of publicity and support started by students who are demanding the reinstatement of Zmuda, Sinser wants alumni to start witholding donations to the school. He says several prominent families are on board in what he hopes will be a defining moment, not just for Eastside Catholic, but for Catholic schools across the country.

When something like this happens,I feel it is my duty to speak up for whatI believe is right, said Sinser.

Outrage over the school's decision to remove Zmuda is building on social media. One Facebook post read, If the administration does not act to correct its mistake,I have no interest in ever being associated with this institution.

Eastside students have been joined by those at other Catholic schools in demanding Zmuda's reinstatement. Students rallied outside Sunday's Seahawks game. International media is picking up the story. A letter writing campaign to the Pope is underway.

Sinser believes the combination of a public relations pummeling and now financial pressure will force the school, and Catholics everywhere, to confront the issue.

It's so unlike anything we've ever seen that it could truly start a dialog, he said. This could turn up in textbooks 20 years from now as the moment the tide's really started to shift.

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