SEATTLE -- There's a surge in the number of scam victims losing money to callers who claim to be with Seattle City Light.

West Seattle business owner, Toby Matasar, received a suspicious call at her restaurant, Eats Market Cafe, on Thursday. She said a man left a message saying he was from Seattle City Light, and she needed to get back to him immediately.

He said he was very sorry for the inconvenience, but we needed to make sure my account got paid in full within the hour or my power was going to be disconnected, said Matasar.

She added that she was told to provide information from a prepaid card to cover a $989 debt. She said she knew her account was up to date, and thought it was a scam.

I said wait a minute, you guys are doing that scam and he said, 'no, I am not a scammer... then he hung up.

Her case is not a first.

In an email to King 5, a Fremont business owner stated that he recently sent a $1,000 via a prepaid card after receiving a similar call only to find out it was a scam.

A Seattle City Light spokesperson said they never demand immediate payment over the phone. Instead they will notify customers twice in writing before disconnecting services. If anything seems suspicious, customers are urged to give Seattle City Light a call.
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