PUYALLUP - When Ron Colson looks out from his back yard he sees a sprawling farm.

You should see it in the spring, it s like a rainbow of colors, said Colson, referring to the daffodils, and tulips grown at the Van Lierop Farm next door.

But that s about to change. After a lifetime of working the fields on the east side of Puyallup, fifth generation bulb farmer Neil Van Lierop and his wife are calling it quits. Last month the Puyallup City council gave initial approval to a plan to rezone the farm, giving the Van Lierops the chance to sell it to developers.

Neighbors fear the zoning will bring a different kind of farm, a warehouse farm like those growing in the nearby Kent Valley.

The Van Lierops have set aside 25 acres of the farm for farm only designation but the rest could be paved over and developed. Neighbors we spoke to praised the Van Lierops for running such a great farm for so many years and while they don t blame them for wanting to cash out at this point, they just hate to see the colorful farm go away.

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