President Obama's speech on Tuesday evening was one people across the country were watching closely. That included students on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University, who gathered together to hear what he had to say, and what might come next.

The two dozen students who watched his address at the University Center say in silence during the 15 minute speech.

Then, they stayed long after, discussing and debating everything they'd just heard.

It's like state run terrorism, one student said of the current situation in Syria. And how do we walk away from that?

Another was glad to hear the President had delayed a congressional vote on whether to move forward with a military strike.

By far the most quiet in the room was PLU junior Hillary Frett, who joined the National Guard about a year ago and watched Tuesday's presidential speech while wearing her military fatigues.

I wanted to come tonight and just kinda listen, said Frett. Because in three years or so, after I'm done with all of my training, I could be eligible to deploy, and that's why I wanted to come, because I knew there would be a lot of valuable opinions and thoughts.

The line that seemed to resonate the most among students was the President's promise that he won't put American boots on the ground in Syria.

I guess we'll read about it in history and political science books in about twenty years, one student said.

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