PUYALLUP, Wash. -- In an effort to stimulate learning, the Puyallup School District is issuing a new Windows RT Surface Tablet to every high school students at E.B. Walker Alternative High School.

The 150 students will get their own device to take home and also be issued a keyboard with access to the schools server.

It s going to be a big change from what I ve done in the past, but I am excited, said Katie Ventura, math teacher at E.B. Walker. Anything to get my kids excited about math

With a high dropout rate, and move students coming from poverty at E.B. Walker, the district hopes the new devices will help kids connect.

We are harnessing the power of what s already there, says Alicia Nosworthy, principal at E.B. Walker.

District officials are still configuring security settings and policies for the new tablets. Total cost to the district is around $90,000. The district purchased a total of 300 laptops to include some students in gifted programs in junior high school and elementary school.

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