TACOMA, Wash. -- Jennifer Adams always felt she was destined to use her disability for something good.
Adams, from Tacoma, said earning the title of Ms. Wheelchair America will enable her to do just that.

I believe my limitations are a gift, Adams said.

Adams was born at Tacoma General hospital without any limbs.

She grew up in Tacoma and Lewis County and was teased and bullied.

Now she visits schools and daycares, teaching kids that people in wheelchairs are like everyone else.

You have a choice every day as to whether your words are going to be positive and build people up or negative and tear people down, said Adams.

Contrary to public opinion, Adams said having a disability gives people an advantage in life.

When you have a disability it actually forages something inside of you, a strength maybe other people don t have, said Adams.

She has two goals as Ms. Wheelchair America.

I want to show the American public that having a disability is cool, said Adams.

She also said she wants every state to send competitors to the pageant. This year only 27 states were represented.

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