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The U.S.S. Nimitz was supposed to leave Everett for deployment to the Western Pacific Friday afternoon. However, the departure was postponed until Saturday morning at 9 a.m. to complete necessary preparations.

When Everett's only aircraft carrier does head out to sea, thousands of local families will be without a parent for months.

Deployment is set for 4 p.m., but sailors started arriving Friday morning to begin final preparations.

The U.S.S Nimitz is the U.S. Navy's oldest aircraft carrier. This is the first time the Nimitz has deployed from Everett. It will travel to San Diego before heading out into the Pacific Ocean.

For Navy spouses, the next seven to eight months mean finding ways to support both their deployed spouse and their children.

This is the second deployment for Christina Bowen and her husband, Petty Officer Bazal Bowen. They made a deployment calendar to help their kids track the ship's location while it's gone.

Most family members worry about where these sailors are headed, especially with the conflict taking place in countries like Syria.

But the families are also proud to have a loved one serving our country.

Nerissa Curtin's husband has been gone more than he's been home during their six years of marriage. Curtin said she takes pride in knowing her husband is protecting the U.S. while protects their children.

Maintenance issues aboard the ship delayed deployment by two months, but the carrier is ready to depart.

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