Bartell Drugs has created a thriving business, without losing that neighborhood feel, even after more than a 120 years in business! Bartell's maintains that strong connection by providing a great selection of products and services, and hosting great events all year long. Their latest is the Spring Health and Beauty event, which runs through March 23rd, 2013. It features a number of health clinics, in-store beauty and hair demonstrations, free samples, great savings and more!

We get a sneak-peek at some terrific new hair and beauty products along with some great health-related activities. Billy Chow, Bartell Drugs' Director of Pharmacy, is here to give us more information.

Bartell Drugs' big Health and Beauty event is already going strong and it runs through March 23rd. Take advantage of in-store makeup and hair styling demonstrations, free health clinics, free samples and more!

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