The City of Pacific and its mayor, Cy Sun, are at odds again. On Tuesday, the President of the City Council confirmed that Sun fired the city clerk, a woman who was hired on court order.

In September, a Pierce County superior court judge ordered Mayor Cy Sun to fill eight positions at Pacific's City Hall. This order came after Sun fired a number of employees, including the city clerk, in what Sun called efforts to rid the City of Pacific of corruption.

To date, eight former employees have filed claimes against the city totalling more than $10 million, including the clerk who blocked Sun's attempt to access personnel files on other city employees. Sun was arrested for breaking into her office in July.

A former mayor also filed a claim alleging that Cy Sun used city resources to publish false statements about him and his tenure.

The embattled Pacific mayor has been the cause of controversy for months. He disappeared for most of December, leaving the Pacific City Council to handle issues facing the city.

The insurance provider for the city's liability policy followed through on a threat to drop coverage. The city council voted to purchased last-minute insurance at the end of December, which allowed City of Pacific to remain incorporated. The previous insurance company refused to extend the policy because it considered the city too much of a risk.

Prior to finding new insurance, the City of Pacific was facing possible unincorporation and nearby Auburn was considering the possibility of annexation.

Efforts to recall Sun are underway.

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