Mercer Island leaders put in their two cents on tolling interstate 90.

The amount ends up being thousands of dollars a year for a household, said Mayor Bruce Bassett.

On Tuesday the Senate Transportation Committee held a hearing on possible tolling options for Mercer Island residents.

They include allowing drivers to cross a portion of the bridge without paying a toll, toll only when driver crosses entire bridge, or allow affected residents to choose which portion to be tolled on.

Toll opponents say people who work on Mercer Island would be impacted the most.

I talked with a barista and asked if you had to pay a toll of $7 or $8 a day would you come work on Mercer Island, and she used a four-letter word and said no, said Eva Zempleny of No toll on I-90.

Opponents gave state senators a stack of 5,000 signatures from people against tolling I-90.

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