The City of Seattle takes a stand on gun safety after a weekend of phone calls and e-mails urging action.

The Seattle City Council on Monday passed a resolution calling for more gun regulations. But those proposals will have to overcome big legal hurdles to be enacted.

It's taken a toll, all the gun violence, said Gazelle Williams. I know the pain, the numbness and the anger.

Her nephew, Desmond Jackson, is one of the 22 people in Seattle killed this year by firearms.

The Seattle City Council's gun control resolution calls for a ban on assault weapons and large capacity ammo magazines. It requires gun show background checks, trigger locks and storage safety requirements.

States that have reasonable and prudent gun safety laws have lower rates of gun deaths. says Council Member Tim Burgess.

But cities are bound by state gun laws, laws the City of Seattle thinks needs to be stricter.

Council Member Sally Bagshaw rejects arguments from critics.

They've said gun safety is off the table. It's too hard. The NRA is difficult. It's time for us to square our shoulders and do something different, she said.

Council Member Bruce Harrell wants to study a statewide initiative to allow cities to decide their own gun laws.

The way to go about this in a smart way is to develop allinaces with other cities that have the same agenda we do, he said.

Gazelle Williams, crumbling from the weight of her pain, wants action.

When the hole is in your heart, nothing can replace it, she said.

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