WESTMINSTER, Co. - The search for a missing man has devastated family members in Colorado and in Washington state.

It is the largest mystery I have known in my life, said Jumar Newman.

Newman has known Luke Edwards for six years. Edwards was in a relationship with Newman's sister, and he is the father of her two young children.

I love him most definitely like a brother, said Newman who has been worried ever since he heard about what happened this weekend.

What started as a Christmas party ended with a search party. According to police and KUSA, Edwards was last seen around 3 a.m. on Sunday wandering away from the Westin hotel in Westminster, Colorado. Edwards had been at the hotel for a company Christmas party. Edwards father, Duane Fisher, told KUSA that the party had an open bar, but his son did not have to worry about driving home that night.

The company actually supplied the rooms for all their employees to go up to after the party, said Fisher.

Co-workers told police that Edwards had a lot of drink. When he didn't show up in his hotel room or return calls the next day friends worried.

My fear is that he is in a situation where he needs help. It's very scary, said Newman. The fact that this is happening during the holidays has just shattered us for the most part.

Edwards was supposed to be in Seattle soon to celebrate his daughter's 6th birthday and Christmas.

Divers spent time Wednesday searching ponds in front of the Westin Hotel, but did not find anything. Police told KUSA that temperatures were dangerously cold Sunday morning. Edwards truck and belongings were found at the hotel.

Anyone with information about Edwards' whereabouts is asked to call Westminster Police at 303-658-4360.

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