PORT ORCHARD, Wash. -- Kitsap County Emergency Management say they're keeping a close eye on the weather Tuesday morning, especially how it might coincide with another high high tide.

High tide will hit at 10:45 am Tuesday in the Sinclair Inlet and is expected to be 12.5 feet.

Monday morning's high tide was 12.7 feet and hit at the same time as the record rainfall that flooded storm drains and culverts. Residents and businesses in Port Orchard and Gorst scrambled as floodwaters flowed into stores and garages.

Residents sandbagged late Monday night hoping to prevent a repeat of what happened Monday.

Missy Ulmer had a couple feet of water and mud in her garage at her Port Orchard home. She spent Monday night cleaning up and moving her precious belongings to a higher place in the home.

We're going to be sandbagging throughout the night to try and do something to keep the water out, said Ulmer. Hopefully it doesn't come into the house.

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