PACIFIC, Wash. -- The city council of Pacific and Mayor Cy Sun are preparing for disincorporation. That means getting a measure on the ballot for the February 12, 2013 election.

City council members say it is only a last resort. If the city loses its insurance at the end of the year,city employees would become personally liable for theirwork. The council and the police department would resign. The 103 year old city of Pacific would cease being a city.

That breaks my heart, council president Leanne Guier told the city council meeting Monday night. I do not want to see that happen but we have to protect ourselves. We need to find a way to protect the citizens of Pacific.

Absent an angel insurer coming in, we know we're going to operate for 33 days without insurance, said council member James McMahon.

The council is drafting a resolution which is effectively a Hail Mary pass, a public call for help to county and state leaders to step in and help find the city new insurance.

In a rare moment of agreement with the mayor, the council agreed to hire three candidates for city department positions. Mayor Cy Sun, under pressure of court order, brought candidates for city clerk, finance director, and community services director to Monday night's meeting.

Sun has been under fire for opening the city up to liability, ever since he started firing department heads when he entered office in January of 2012. A citizen's effort to recall the mayor is held up by an appeal.

The city's insurer gave notice last summer that it was terminating its coverage at the end of the year because the city's vacant positions. But there is no guarantee filling the empty positions at city hall will convince the city's insurer to change its mind.

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