Who can forget the man-eating plant from the 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors? Well we re not going that far, but with Halloween eve upon us, our good friend Ciscoe Morris has decided to show us a plant container that does eat living creatures. Today, gardening guru, Ciscoe showed us what this is all about!

How to make a Little Shop of Horrors Container Garden:

Start with a watertight pot with no drainage holes.

Have the folks in the nursery drill a hole (or do it yourself if you use
a plastic pot) 1/4 of the way down the side of the pot.

Buy bog garden soil (if available) or make your own by mixing together
50% peat and 50% perlite. Never use potting soil, and never use any
additives like lime or fertilizer.

Water with rain water or distilled water. Keep the water level up to
the point just below the hole in the side of the pot. That is how a bog
works: water below that evaporates up through the top 3 inches of medium
to keep it constantly moist.

Many types of carniverous plants are hardy outdoors in most winters.
Saracenia (pitcher plant) Darlingtonia (cobra lilies) usually will
survive outside all winter long.

If you include venus fly traps and other non hardy carnivorous plants
the temperature should not go below 50 degrees.

Don't feed, it's not necessary. They'll eat so many flies and yellow
jackets, you'll hardly believe it.

Don't get too close to these plants. You never know how hungry the are!

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