The Seattle City Council is expected to finalize a Seattle Arena deal on Monday, and on Sunday night, fans were celebrating in advance of that vote.

Former Sonics All-Star Shawn Kemp hosted hundreds of fans at Rally with the Reign Man at his restaurant, Oskar's Kitchen, in Lower Queen Anne.

Jay Berger showed up at the event with a photo of himself as a child with Sonic Slick Watts.

Three years old, circa 1977, he said.

Berger said the Sonics - and Watts - were part of his childhood, and prompted him to be at the event sunday.

To show that picture to Slick Watts - and to pay homage to my late father, who would physically be here if he could, he said.

Kemp was handing out hugs, photo ops and a positive vibe.

I think it's gonna pass and I think it's got a little way to go, he said.

The special guest was none other than investor Chris Hansen.

This is Seattle - so nothing is final until a shovel is put in the ground, he said.

He acknowledged the amended deal requiring a state environmental analysis could alter his plans to acquire a team to fill his proposed arena.

This is a better question for the NBA they've made it pretty clear they want a new arena built - so if there are major questions for the SEPA or EIS there is no question that would be a point of discussion, he said.

But that hasn't dampened enthusiasm.

I've been a Sonic all my life and the Sonics are the reason I'm myself, said Watts.

The council discussion and vote is expected Monday afternoon. It will then go to the county council to approve the changes - and that could happen in the first or second week in October

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