Teams resumed the search Monday for a missing Pacific woman who hasn't been seen all weekend.

A helicopter and dive team focused on a three-mile stretch around Pacific City Park and the White River to look for Tatyana Khmara, 27, last seen Friday.

Khmara's brother told detectives he saw her there Friday evening sitting on a blanket with a man he didn't recognize.

Detectives found a footprint matching Tatyana's shoes, height and weight in a dusty trail along the White River.

But every trace of Khmara's scent that K-9's have picked up has led to the White River and then stopped.

Tatyana's car was found in the park's parking lot. Evidence from the vehicle will be processed Monday.

Socks that might have belonged to Khmara were also found in the vicinity of the park.

Police said they are also following leads that show Tatyana may be somewhere other than the park, but could not provide details.

Police say they have no evidence of foul play, but no evidence that she may have ran away either. Khmara's family said this behavior is out of character because she always calls if she doesn't plan to come home.

Posters with Tatyana's picture have gone up around Pacific in hopes that someone will recognize her and provide details to police.

She was last seen wearing a dark colored jacket, tan pants, with blue and silver running shoes. Khmara is about 5-feet 5 inches, weighs about 100 pounds, and has brown hair and brown eyes.

Any tips can can be given to the Pacific Police Department, 253-852-2121.

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