The Greater Seattle Business Association (GSBA) has a mission is to combine business development, social action and leadership to expand economic opportunities for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and those who support equality for all.

Each year they offer a scholarship for youth who are making a difference in thecommunity.
The Seattle Storm is proud to support Seattle'sLGBT community - and this weekend in celebration of pride, they are donating portions of their ticket sales to Sunday's game to theGSBA scholarship fund.

The GSBA Scholarship Fund awards educational scholarships to undergraduate LGBTQ and Allied students who exhibit leadership potential, demonstrate strong academic abilities, and who are actively involved in school and community organizations.

The scholars represent a diverse group of students who have dreams of making our community and the world a better place; and each of them possesses the skills, talents, and dedication to make those dreams a reality.

Folks can get involved by volunteering on a committee or interview team by emailing and can support the Fund by donating online at and by purchasing tickets to the Storm Game on June 24, where $5 of each ticket sold using the GSBA link will support the GSBA Scholarship Fund:

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