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SEATTLE -- The Seattle Seahawks will be sporting a radically different look starting in 2012 after Nike, the NFL's new uniform maker, unveiled the uniforms for all 32 teams.

For the Seahawks, gone is the traditional solid blue home jersey and blue pants with the green trim and standard block numbers.

The new uniforms sport a futuristic number font and added accents around the shoulder pads and down the side of the pants. The word Seahawks is on the left shoulder rather than across the chest.

The logo has also been revised. Instead of a two-tone blue double stripe behind the Seahawk head, the lower stripe is gray.

The helmet remains blue, but there is an added center stripe that starts wide at the front and narrows to a point as it reaches the back. It's also the dark blue color, so it's not quite as noticeable from a distance.

Also new is the introduction of an alternate gray uniform in addition to the blue home and white road uniforms.

The other NFLteams did not see radical changes to their uniforms.

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