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SEATTLE The Seattle Seahawks are expected to unveil a new uniform look next week, but fans of the NFL Network may have gotten a sneak peek.

Seattle Times reporter Danny O Neil writes a Seahawks logo featuring what appeared to be a gray lower strip behind the bird s head appeared on two recent segments on the network. (Sorry, we don t have a picture of it.)

It harkens back to the silver stripe that was part of the original team logo. The logo was changed in 2002 when the Seahawks ditched their silver helmets for the blue ones and modified the colors of the logo.

The new logo is expected to be revealed Tuesday when Nike the NFL s new uniform maker unveils the new team uniforms.

In addition to regular road and home jerseys, O Neil reports the Seahawks are expected to have a third, alternate jersey that will be predominately gray.

The Seahawks already had an alternate jersey a kind of neon green that they wore at home against the Chicago Bears in 2009. The color was widely panned by fans and it was retired after that game, although you still see many of them worn by fans in the stands.

It s also unknown if the Seahawks will change helmet colors or possibly have alternate helmets to go with the gray jerseys.

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