AUBURN, Wash. - When we met Anita Utgaard Wednesday afternoon, her power had just come back on after she lost it a week ago.

Her generator had been enough to power the TV, some lights, and a small space heater.

For 7 days she used her wood stove to heat large pots of water.

We just heat the water, I'd use to wash dishes, i take a bath with two inches of water, I'd add some cool water to cool it down a bit but they were very quick baths, she said.

Her home was the only house powered by a line that went down in the green valley area of auburn.

PSE crews finally fixed the line, and they're rushing to get those last pockets of homes back online.

We still have 280 crews working today because we know everyone one of those little pockets is someone's house, said PSE spokesman Andy Wappler.

It was a total relief that I finally got to take a shower, and I could wash my dishes in there that are sitting in my dishwasher, said Anita.

PSE had a small setback with the wind storm Tuesday night. But it estimates it will have power restored to almost everyone Wednesday night.

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