BELLEVUE, Wash. --For a man whose 2-year-old son has been missing since Sunday, Solomon Metalwala sounds more upbeat than one would expect..

I'm believing that Sky's going to have the best life, said the Kirklandresident, He's going to play football, he's going to be good in school.

While police conduct their investigation, hope, faith, and friends are the driving forces behind Metalwala's plan Saturday to canvass the East Side with flyers of his son.

Tonight, after meeting again with the FBI and Bellevue Police, Metalwala visted a print shop to pick up picked up a thousand flyers with photos and vital information about Sky.

On Saturday, at 9:45 a.m., search teams will meet at the Tully's Coffee at Bellevue Place, 10500 NE8th St.

A Facebook event set up for the search shows more than 50 people have agreed to help out.

The plan, said Metalwala, is to post flyers and speak tobusinesses and neighbors in Bellevue, Redmond, and Kirkland.

Less than a week since Sky allegedly disappeared out of a stranded car in a Bellevue neighborhood, Metalwala says he still has had no contact with his 4-year old daughter, who was supposedly one of the last people to see Sky.

And like police, he said he has no idea where his estranged wife, Julia Biryukova, currently is.

Biryukova told police she had left her son in her silver Acura after she ran out of gas. She said she took her daughter with her to go to a gas station, and when she returned an hour later, Sky was missing.

An attorney for Metalwala, who because of custody issues has seen neither child since Dec. 10, said they've yet to hear from Julia, but did get a supportiveemail from her mother, Sky's grandmother.

She's the only member of Julia's family or friends that has even contacted us to offer any expression of sympathy, said attorney Clay Terry.

Metalwala said he wants to keep his focus on the search rather than on his martial issues.

My strength is coming from my son, who is missing, but hewill be found, said Metalwala.

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