SEATTLE -- The producers of the Family 4th at Lake Union in Seattle say they've met their $500,000 fundraising goal needed to put on this year's fireworks show.

One Reel announced on their March 1 deadline they had raised 80 percent of the budget needed for this year's iconic Seattle 4th of July celebration at Gasworks Park.

A long list of Pacific Northwest businesses and individuals stepped up and contributed to the cause: Microsoft and Starbucks each contributed $125,000. BECU, Nordstrom and Talking Rain also made contributions. One Reel said a $25,000 sponsorship by Coca-Cola's Northwest division helped them push across the finish line.

Last year, the fireworks show over Lake Union was almost cancelled after a lack of funding due to a tough economy.

To avoid another repeat, One Reel organizers starting fundraising last July. Instead of relying on a single sponsor, they're taking a community-based approach.

We've heard loud and clear from the community that this is their event. They want to take ownership of this. Hundreds of individuals contributed last year, as is the case this year, said One Reel Executive Director Jon Stone.

It's a year at a time at this point, he said. We're just happy we having fundraising funds this year so we can focus on putting on the show. But this model, moving forward, we believe this model will sustain the fourth into the future.

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