SEATTLE - The Seattle Transportation Committee approved the proposed alignment for a new streetcar line.

The First Hill Streetcar will connect passengers on Capitol Hill,First Hill, the International District and Pioneer Square.

The $130 million project is part of theSound Transit 2 ballot measure voters approved in 2008. SDOT calls it an important link in the regional transit system, providing an alternative to the originally proposed deep tunnel light rail station on First Hill.

It will be very attractive. It'll be very convenient to get people from the light rail station at Union Stationup to First Hill and then up to Capitol Hill light rail station. That's what its primary goal is, said Tom Rasmussen, Seattle City Councilmember.

The full council will vote on the proposed route on Monday. If approved, the planning and design phase will begin with the line expected to be complete in late 2013.

Construction is expected to begin at the end of next year and businesses are prepared for the temporary disruption.

That's gonna make a huge impact on all these businessmen, it really will, said Jim Cummings, general manager at Julia's. In the long run, it's probably a good thing, it's just the effect of construction that has to be done.

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