Cherylin Rubenaker loves her coffee black, but a company called Seattle Coffee Direct is putting her bank account in the red by charging her for products she never ordered.

In this time of the holidays you don't expect to get hit like that, she said.

Hit to the tune of $200. Cherilyn made one order online for monthly coffee shipments at $39 a pop, but the beans and the charges started coming weekly.

I'm like, 'whoa, hey, wait a minute!' she said.

The mother of two called the company to cancel her original plan and to demand her money back for the second charge.

Shortly thereafter, another order arrived along with a $79 charge. A couple of weeks after that, another. The bags of coffe kept coming and piling up.

When Cherilyn called the company again, all she got was voice mail.

With no refund in sight, Cherilyn called me. I hit the streets in search of Seattle Coffee Direct. Nobody downtown had a clue where this place is, same deal on the waterfront.

Finally, I figured it out. If you want to find Seattle Coffee Direct, you'll have to come to Sea-Tac Airport and hop a plane to Chicago. From there rent a car and drive to Evanston, Illinois, and that's where you'll find Seattle Coffee Direct, in the heart of the Midwest.

After some research, I got the cell-phone number of the president of the company, and I gave him a call. The next day Cherilyn got a letter.

Our sincerest apologies about your recent dissatisfaction with our companies, she read. Included was a check for $250.

Cherilyn tells me she's going to spend that money on presents for a family they adopted this Christmas.

The best tip I have to protect yourself is to use a credit card and not your debit card for these types of purchases. You can challenge these charges quickly if you check your statement often.

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