SEATTLE - The University of Washington has now released a copy of the football recruiting violation it self-reported in August. It comes after KING 5 reported the incident involving players who purchased $300 worth of alcohol and nightclub tabs for recruits visiting Seattle.

KING 5's Lisa Gangel talked with head coach Steve Sarkisian last night about the report stating student-athletes bought alcohol for recruits, and he confirmed the situation.

He then said the recruits didn't have enough money to cover the tab, so the Husky players paid it.

UW Athletic Director Scott Woodward wouldn't go on camera today, referring us to Richard Kilwien, a UW spokesman.

Lisa Gangel asked: So you can't confirm or deny that it was or was not alcohol?

UW spokesman: That's correct. The NCAA violation in question was related to the amount of money that was spent on entertainment expenses. However, there was a violation of the university's policy on official visits when they decided to take the recruits out to a nightclub.

It was a secondary violation that was reported in August of this year.

The recruits paid back the money and the players who took them out ended up doing community service.

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