When Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels failed to make it out of the primary last August, it was only the second time since the 1930s that an incumbent Seattle mayor had failed so miserably. The first time was when Nickels and his opponent, Mark Sidran, knocked incumbent Paul Schell out in 2001.

Nickels' legacy in the city is not a small one. He led the crusade for light rail, for a bored tunnel to replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct. He helped east the way for the South Lake Union makeover and reconfigured the balance of power in City Hall.

Nickels blames his exit on the sour mood of the voters, brought on by the recession, not, he still maintains, on last winter's snow debacle.

From potholes to tunnels, light rail to street cars, snow storms to homeless camps, Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' eight years in office were busy. So how will the city remember him?

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