Despite the reported end of the Great Recession, most government entities are not yet singing Happy Days are Here Again, In fact, for most local governments, the worst is yet to come.

Reporter Chris Grygiel of outlines the problems facing both King County and the City of Seattle in a recent article.

King County, for instance, is looking at another shortfall of $60 million next year, followed by $80 million in 2012. Seattle faces deficits of more than $50 million in each of the next two years.

Money pressures in Seattle have already stalled the hiring of 20 new police and raised concerns about the closure of parks and pools. In King County a proposal to raise the sales tax by .2 percentwould save the county's law enforcement system from further cuts. If it does not pass -- and it might not even make it on the ballot -- the Sheriff has said deputies would not longer investigate that did not involve personal violence.It's ascary proposition.

So what about your local government? Are you more concerned about cuts in local services or the prospect of tax increases? Share your thoughts with us.

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