SEATTLE -- A Sacramento Kings' supporter sent an open letter to everyone, including Seattle, saying, Keep your hands off our Kings.

It's the latest development in serious talks about building an NBA or NHL arena in Seattle. The letter comes from Jeremiah Jackson of

The letter is addressed to Chris Hansen, a former Seattleite, and current San Francisco hedge fund manager who has approached Seattle about his interest to invest in an arena. Hansen is not talking publicly about his proposal or other investors in his group.

In the letter, part of it states, We hope this report will help you prepare to defend why you want to inflict the kind of economic harm on working people that took place in Seattle.

LINK: Click here to read the entire letter

Property south of Safeco Field on Occidental Avenue South, south of Massachusetts Street, was recently purchased by Hansen.

I'm very excited and optimistic and I'm not saying that blindly. The stars have lined up for us on this deal, said Seattle City Councilman Bruce Harrell.

Seattle Mayor McGinn pledges no new taxes will be used. But the city may sell bonds for the project.

The NBA and NHL franchises would use Key Arena while the new stadium is being built. The deal may include some investor money to keep the Key solvent after the switch.

Sacramento has until March 1 to seal a deal on their new arena or risk losing the Sacramento Kings.

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