SEATTLE-- The miracle baby girl, Anna, recently born with two heart defects to a Tumwater couple, has died.

Anna's parents, Matt and Alissa Peppley, spoke to KING 5 News about their pregnancy earlier this month. At the time, the couple was coping with the diagnosis of two heart defects in Anna -- hypoplastic left heart syndrome, and a defect affecting the veins draining from her lungs into a heart chamber. They were told Anna had less than a one in ten chance of survival.

Anna required immediate surgery after she was born on December 8, and spent weeks in the ICU under the constant care of doctors and nurses.

Monday, the Peppley's posted the following on their blog about Anna's death:

Our little angel Anna Joy slipped from the arms of Matt and Alissa into the loving arms of Jesus this evening at about 6:45 pm.

We had a beautiful, albeit short time with our baby. We know she is in a much better place, and she was greeted by two siblings and her paternal grandpa, to name a few.

Thank you again for all of your love and support. We likely will post a couple more follow up posts, seeing as we won't forget Anna Joy any time soon.

It doesn't matter why, if any one person is affected in a good way by her life, then it's worth it, said Alissa during her previous interview with KING 5's Elisa Hahn. And that's already happened.

The Peppley's blog can be found here:

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