Seattle Police officers fatally shot a robbery suspect after he rolled his getaway car and ran through the Denny Blaine neighborhood.

Just after 9:15 Thursday, an armed man, reportedly wearing make-up, women's clothing and a brunette wig, walked into the Wells Fargo bank near E. Madison Street and McGilvra Blvd. and demanded money from a teller.

The man ran away, carrying a rolling suitcase, and was seen getting into a silver sedan.

About 10 minutes later, police received a report that a silver Hyundai had crashed and flipped over near 39th Avenue and E. John Street, and that the driver had fled from the scene of the crash with a suitcase.

Cody Morrison watched things unfold.

Blond kid with short blond hair, five-foot-10, skinny, dragging a suitcase - like people carry through an airport - running... and taking his shirt off, he said.

Police were trailing close behind.

The cops get out and says 'which way did he go?' said Morrison. I wave and say that way!

It took detectives a couple hours to track the man down to a patch of grass in the 100 block of 39th Ave. E., where they say he pulled a knife, prompting a veteran detective to fire his gun.

Seattle Police say the suspect died at the scene.

An FBI spokesperson said it is unclear if the suspect is tied to any other cases.

The shooting is subject to a standard review.

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