Christmas lights are meant to be bright and beautiful. But viewing them in the Snoqualmie Ridge neighborhood is like looking at someone with a mouth full of bad teeth some missing here, others missing there.

The one string that came on, some of the light bulbs were out, explained homeowner Kelly Saunders.

Saunders is just one of many who has experienced issues. The company responsible for the grinch-link behavior is Bob & Ed s Painting and Pressure Washing.

So, while they were putting up our lights they were changing the colors because they alternate and just dropping the bulbs in the gutter. There's broken glass in the front yard, in door extension cords used outside, said Saunders.

The Saunders learned of Bob & Ed because of their regular presence in the neighborhood.
For the last few years there's been their signs all over the neighborhood for Christmas lights, painting and so we were familiar with their name, said Saunders.

Saunders tried contacting the company after having issues with her lights but she never heard back. So she contacted me. We were able to catch up with the business owner, Paul Weidiger, while he was working on another home.

Hanging lights, that's our passion, said Weidiger.

Bob and Ed is really Paul and Jose. Paul's explanation for the missing lights flicker from the cold snap to power issues.

If I'm running a certain amount of ampage, you've got to get it from a different power source. You can get from the light socket you can run a string out through your garage but you can't jump to the same circuit, said Weidiger.

Weidiger is enlightening when he talks about the link between Christmas lights and refrigerators.

If you hook a refrigerator it'll run good for a couple of hours and then it's going to blow once the refrigerator kicks on, explained Weidiger.

The BBB's been trying to find the lighting firm of Bob, Ed, Paul and Jose for sometime.

We've had a tough time trying to verify addresses, phone number, fax numbers and emails. We never heard from this company, said David Quinlan with the Better Business Bureau.

Quinlan said Bob & Ed's has three unresolved complaints. It thought the team was out of business but now they're back in the BBB's spotlight.

We're going to be monitoring for complaints, said Quinlan.

It may be too late to put up your lights, but you may want to pay someone to take them down. If you do, please check them out. In the meantime, Weidiger is spending the holiday handling installation issues.

We've got a lot of lights to service because we've got a cold outage, said Weidiger.

Looks like he's in for a long, cold winter.

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