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Someone broke into Seattle's historic Comet Tavern Tuesday night and took hundreds of dollar bills off the ceiling.

For decades patrons had pinned dollar bills on the ceiling. The Comet is under renovation but the new owners had intended to keep them up.

Comet co-owner Jason Lajeunesse said whoever broke in had to have brought a ladder with them because the ceiling is at least 20 feet high and the ladders being used for renovation do not reach.

Lajeunesse estimated that it could have taken an hour or two for the thieves to take down each individual bill.

I know a lot of people had memories attached to the money on the ceiling. A lot of them had birthday wishes, a lot had names of loved ones, things like that, said Lajeunesse.

It's a shame, he said.

The thieves got away with most of the bills but they left three. One is dated 1995.

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