As the weather keeps the kids indoors more often, it's always nice to find fun new projects to do with them. Today, gardening guru Ciscoe Morris shows how to make a living wreath!

Making a Sedum, hen and chicks wreath is a fun holiday project for the entire family.

A fun and easy holiday project, great to do with kids, is to make a Sedum wreath. Start by purchasing a Sedum wreath frame available at local nurseries and garden centers. The frames come in various styles and sizes. The types that work best have a rim that clips on the top to help hold the plants in place. Buy sphagnum moss, also available at nurseries, soak it thoroughly, ring it out and then pack it tightly in the bottom and up the sides of the frame. . Use your hands to form a trough in the center of the moss and fill it in with all-purpose potting soil. At this point snap the top ring in place. Now comes the fun part.

Fill in with a wide variety of and hens and chicks and Sedums The first step is to plan out your design. It works best to begin with the hen and chicks and then fill in between them with Sedum. When planting, remove enough of the soil from the roots to allow you to squeeze the roots between the clip wires and then firm them into the soil. Plant thickly enough so very little bare soil shows in the frame, and when the planting is complete, fill in with more moss to hide any open space or exposed framework. Gently water the plants in, and let the wreath sit for at least a week before making a loop with pipe cleaner and hanging it on an outdoor wall in a sunny location. Take the wreath down to water it whenever it feels dry, and most importantly, don t forget to put something on the back of the wreath to hold it away from the wall to prevent moisture from harming the structure it s hanging on.

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