If you re a birdwatcher who loves to take pictures, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a great project for you.

The BirdSpotter photo contest is back for Project FeederWatch season. Send in your best bird photos and you can win prizes..

You simply submit your photos based on each week's theme on the contest web page - and vote there for your favorites. This week's theme is Your Feeder Setup. Head on over to enter and vote:

Project FeederWatch helps scientists learn about birds in your back yard.

Cornell says observations from a record number of participants last season helped scientists follow the changes in woodpecker and nuthatch populations in the Midwest where trees were infested with invasive emerald ash borer beetles.

We also need renewed FeederWatcher effort to monitor the health of House Finches, which are susceptible to a disease that causes swelling around the eyes. Our participants will be asked to report whether they looked for the disease and whether they saw sick birds, said Greig.

A new interactive tool called 'Common Feeder Birds' allows people to learn about the food and feeder preferences of nearly 100 species, based on data collected by participants, says FeederWatch project leader Emma Greig.

The tool can be used to predict what birds can be attracted to an area so you can offer foods strategically to attract desired species, he said.

To learn more about joining Project FeederWatch and to sign up, visit or call the Cornell Lab toll-free at (866) 989-2473.

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