Washington state s school superintendent is launching a new push to have cameras on school buses to catch drivers who illegally pass.

During a survey of bus drivers in 110 school districts on May 1, there were 1,523 reported passing violations according to Superintendent Randy Dorn s office. That included 32 instances in which cars passed on the same side in which students got on and off the bus.

Passing stopped school buses remains a serious problem, said Dorn in a statement. Every violation represents a potential accident and potential injury to a student.

Dorn says that if you extrapolate the data to include all 295 districts, there would be nearly 550,000 violations over an entire 180-day school year.

Dorn said the state passed a law in 2011 that gives districts the authority to put cameras in buses so that violators can be ticketed.

I urge districts to look into whether installing the cameras is the right thing for that community, said Dorn.

Dorn added that no students have died in the past two years as a result of stopped school bus incidents.

Twenty-eight other states conducted similar surveys. A total of 85,279 violations were reported.

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