SOUTH HILL, Wash. -- Family and friends arrived at a South Hill park Friday night dressed in green, Justin Morris' favorite color. It was one of many tributes for the 18-year-old who police say was murdered last week.

In the group, people who grew up with Justin said it was important to be there for him because he was always there for them.

If you needed a friend, he was the first to go to. He was your support system, said Kaylin Campbell.

Justin's Aunt, Katrina Allen, was encouraged by the support but she is still troubled by the criminal case.

We don't even know where he is. We just want him home, said Allen.

Police say Justin was murdered on or about July 10th. The accused killer, Michael Breer, sits behind bars. Investigators continue to search for a motive and Justin's body.

Friends like Garrett Wilson have vowed to search wooded areas.

Whether I have to walk, whether I have to take the bus, whether I have to crawl on my hands and knees, I am going to go out there and look everyday, said Wilson.

Justin's parents, Shannon and Tracey Morris, led the crowd in letting more than a hundred balloons into the air on Friday night for Justin.

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