Worldwide,UNICEF estimates 1.2 million children become victims of trafficking, including up to 300,000 in the US. According to the FBI, roughly 500 children in King County alone are being sold for sex.

A group of Seattle-area women banded together on a mission to end child sex trafficking in Washington state and beyond. They formed a group called StolenYouth and are working to provide information and raise money to help child sex workers escape life in the streets.

StolenYouth Vice President Paula Clapp joined Margaret to talk more about the staggering numbers of children forced into prostitution right here in King County. She also promoted their upcoming Not On Our Watch luncheon, which will benefit TheBridge, a program run by YouthCarewhich offersgirls aged 13-17 long-term housing, counseling, job training and the chance to finish high school.

StolenYouth's Not On Our Watch luncheon takes place at Noon onWednesday, April 17 at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel. For more information about the event and about StolenYouth, visit their website:

To learn more about YouthCare and the programs provided to help children and teenagers living on the streets of Seattle and King County, visit their website:

Here are more resources for children and parents looking for help:

Ages 12 - 17: Call Safe Place - 800.422.TEEN

Ages 18-24: Call 206-622-5555

Go to YouthCare's James Orion Center to get off the streets (Addresss: 1828 Yale Avenue - on the corner of Denny Way and Stewart Avenue in Seattle)

Other resources:

Washington Anti-Trafficking Response Network Victim Assistance Line: 206-245-0782

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