KIRKLAND, Wash. -- The search for evidence in the murder of a Kirkland woman ed to a long run up a busy street for police officers this afternoon.

Several drivers and residents were surprised to see police running along with a search dog and a handler up busy 100th Avenue Northeast.

The dog had obviously picked up some scent that got it very excited. It began outside the home of Scarlett Paxton, the 19-year-old woman who was found dying with her throat slashed early Wednesday morning. Her boyfriend found Paxton after the two had gone for a walk shortly after midnight.

A 19-year-old person of interest in is police custody on an unrelated charge in another city. A kitchen knife was found near the scene, but officers continue to search for evidence.

Friday's search went on for several minutes and blocks but ended when the dog apparently lost the scent. Residents should not be surprised to see the officers and dog in the area again, but police say they are confident, with the person of interest in jail, there is no threat to the public.

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