NEAR CARNATION, Wash. -- As accidents go, it was about as bad as you can get. A head-on crash into a logging truck.

The logging truck was totaled, Jeff Warren said.

Insurance agent Jeff Warren just happened to be driving along Kelly Road when he saw the grinding crash.

I really thought it was a one car accident, Warren said.

But Warren quickly saw there was another car in a ditch and on fire. He was convinced no one could have survived. Yet he still ran across the street, grabbing a bucket and filling it with water to put the fire out.

After the third bucket and I heard him start to scream, Warren said.

It was the driver of the car and he was alive -- a young man who said his name was Nick.

So I grabbed his hand and held it and said the Lord's prayer a couple times and I told him he was going to be OK, Warren said.

Warren got into insurance to be of service to others and that's more than advertising to him. That's part of Warren's being.

Life is treating me better than I've ever treated it. Warren said.

Something put Warren on that country road at the moment he was needed most.

Somebody reached their hand out to me once and I grabbed on with everything I had and that's exactly the way he grabbed my hand. He did more for me today than I ever did for him., Warren said.
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