KIRKLAND, Wash. - We first told you about Tammy Brokaw about a month ago.

She had raised $6,000 in a fund-raising contest last August and thought she'd be going to meet the Jonas Brothers. But the people who ran the contest, The Difference Maker Organization out of Renton, failed to provide the promised trip.

I feel like someone has taken advantage of me, said Tammy. I put in so much hard work and I feel like it all went to waste.

To make matters worse, Kandy Schendel, the President of the Difference Maker Organization, failed to send the money to the intended charity, The Jonas Brothers' Change for the Children Foundation.

You know, I don't regret doing all that hard work. But if it's not going to go to something that I thought it was, I feel like it wasn't really worth it, Tammy said.

So after hearing this story I called the Jonas Brothers' management company to see what it could do for Tammy, and I was told the group would love to meet her.

It was great news for Tammy.

I thought that was cool. That was really cool, she said.

And last week, at the Jim Henson Studios in Los Angeles, Tammy and her twin sister Tiffany finally got to meet the band - Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas.

Tammy couldn t believe what was happening.

They seemed like normal people. They were extremely nice. They just seemed like normal guys, she said.

Yeah, but normal guys haven't sold millions of records.

Tammy also adds that the Jonas Brothers were also concerned about the fundraiser.

They just felt bad about the situation. They couldn't believe someone used their name and they weren't going to donate the money or anything, Tammy recalled.

Yes, the girls were absolutely giddy at the airport upon their return. But Tammy's main mission is getting the donated funds to where they were originallypromised.

I still can't believe they haven't gotten the money yet. It makes me really mad actually, she said.

After I interviewed Tammy, I thought I d stop by Kandy Schendel's home. I wanted to know what happened to the money.

She wasn't home, or didn t answer. But minutes after I got back to the office, Kandy sent me an e-mail saying she sent all $6,000 to the Change for the Children Foundation this week.

I'll be checking in with the Jonas Brothers' managers to make sure all of the money gets there.

Meanwhile, Tammy's fund-raising continues. She says her next event is the Beat the Bridge race to benefit the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

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