A big shout out to the loyal Seahawks fans at the Merry Haven Care Center in Snohomish.

The residents wore Seahawks blue and green to cheer on the team Saturday.

Darla Boeckel, a former patient at the center, says there's 12th Man pride all over the place, but especially at Merry Haven. Many of the 75 residents - who range in age between 70 to 90 years old - love the Seahawks.

They will not allow anything to get in their way to watch (the Seahawks) play. So, as you play this game, please think of Ella who is in her 90's yelling at the top of her lungs 'We want a touch!' then she starts the other 20+ senior citizens in chanting and when my Defense takes the field know that Carol is throwing trash talk out there better than my Sherman, Boeckel told volunteer Susan Crisafulli. They could break the record all by themselves, so our team isn't made of everyone in CenturyLink but also contains some rocking seniors that taught me a little bit on becoming a bigger fan since they are mostly 80-90's.

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