For the Fourth of July week, bottle rockets and mortars won't be the only bright burning thing in the sky. It looks like the sun will be making a rare week long appearance, with 90 degree temperatures.

The combination has firefighters sending up a warning.

Although we've had a lot of rain last week, some very hard rain, a full week of dry weather, especially with a light wind, will dry out all the surface grasses and things like that, said Capt. Kyle Ohashi with Kent Fire Department.

Ohashi says a big concern is the cedar shingle roofs on homes and the dry brush that lines the freeways. Ohashi says many house fires near the Fourth of July are started by people who don't even live there. They're started by kids playing with fireworks in the neighborhood.

Firefighters advise picking fireworks that you can keep in control and stay within the law. Keep water nearby and kids at safe distance. Also, have a sober person in charge of lighting them.

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