SEATTLE -- Instead of one ballot in the mail with her name on it, Tracy Maxwell received two. She called the King County Elections Office, but no one answered the phone on Saturday.

What I found this morning were two ballots, the first one has my first and last name. The second one has my first, middle, and last name, said Maxwell. People are voting this weekend for the
President of the United States, and there's mistakes happening.

At the King County Election's Office, Jerelyn Hampton said there are safeguards in place that will not allow for more than one ballot to be counted for a voter. Hampton investigated and found that Maxwell received two ballots because she had recently updated her voter registratiion information with her middle name, something King County apparently did not have in the system before.

The first ballot that was issued to the voter was actually suspended and we issued a replacement ballot, said Hampton.

An insert should be inside the replacement ballot alerting voters that that is the ballot they need to use, according to Hampton.

Anyone with questions about their ballot can call the King County Elections office during business hours, Monday through Friday, at 206-296-VOTE.

On the county's website, you can enter your information to verify that you are registered to vote. Here's a link:

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